About ourselves












Our solutions are designed to meet requirements in the whole field of mechanical and electrical engineering. Our service involves new buildings, renovation and alteration projects including all technical equipment. Our competence in planning and our know-how allows global project solutions fromproject management to project development. 

We offer professional service in time. We don´t deal with your problems, we solve them. Today´s world of communications reduces distances and allows us to work on your project almost as if we were sitting in your office.

The following advantages you will get through integrated overall planning:

  • Competent professional advice from the early stages of the project including all links to the architect and authorities
  • Presentation of the project in a comprehensible way, in German and/or English, as CAD plan in all required formats
  • Comprehensible project stages and actions
  • Transparent standard prices through high quality specifications
  • Professional partner in negotiations with contractors and authorities
  • Security according to building regulations
  • Control of costs during construction and for special solutions
  • Constructions ready for hand-over through monitoring and performance checks
  • Comprehensible documentation at the end of the project.

 If you have questions, send us a fax or e-mail, please.